We are developing and producing Smart City related Products and Services

The idea to found Bercman Technologies came from the real life need. We wanted to bring new fresh ideas and technologically capable products to the market. There are still too many traffic related accidents so we want to give our contribution. Our mission is to accelerate the progress towards self-driving vehicles in order to eliminate all traffic related fatalities.

The technologies are available if successfully implemented can save lives and avoiding accidents. We want to make the city a better place to live by modernizing old-school traffic technologies and provide connected infrastructure’s benefits to everyone.

The company's vision is to become a leading partner for clients in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) market. C-ITS solutions enable increased traffic safety through automated communication between infrastructure and connected vehicles. We address the global intelligent transport system market, estimated to reach over €46 billion by 2025.


Founding of the company
Research of the market and available technologies begins


First prototype of The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk
First pilot customers are found


Second phase R&D of The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk
In-house team and partner network grew substantially


Opening of the Headquarters in Tartu, Estonia
4 Pilot projects of The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk in Estonia & Finland
Development begins for 3 more products Smart City related products


Catalog 2020 will be released with 20 physical and digital products and services

Our partners & supporters

Our Services

Design & Planning
We invent new products from scratch and implement the latest technologies in the design phase
The development of the products to enable rapid manufacturing and commercialization
We practice vertical integration as much as possible to ensure highest quality of the manufacturing
Customer Support
We value highly productive and long-lasting client relationships so expect us to be there for you, always
Data analytics
We provide analytics of the data collected by our products and present them in the Client Portal
We take care of the maintenance of the products with love and care wherever you are located
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