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Our customers can access all of the data through our Dashboard
API available for International Partners

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Bercman Customer Portal - intuitive data management dashboard for our clients

One important aspect of any Internet of Things device is being able to collect and visualize data for analysis. Seeing trends in sensor readings over time can be useful for identifying problem or research traffic related behaviours. Bercman offers customer portal access to monitor the status of the device, download historical data of the sensors and receive raw data for research and development.

Cloud Based Device Management System (Dashboard) provides our customers with well balanced access to all devices offered by Bercman . Dashboard combines a series of data visualizations to present charts, metrics, and numerical values in an intuitive and clean way.

Traffic Data

Vehicle counting
Vehicle classification
Average speed of vehicles
Pedestrian Counting
Pedestrian waiting time
Speeding detection
Dangerous situations counting

City Environment

Air Quality
Road Temperature
Noise level

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