AS Bercman Technologies and Põlva Rural Municipality Government have signed a contract to build a Smart Road


AS Bercman Technologies (hereinafter “Bercman”) and Põlva Rural Municipality Government have signed a service contract in accordance with the public procurement “Põlva Smart Road” to create an innovative technological solution in the city of Põlva with the aim of increasing traffic safety and piloting the measurement of average speed of the vehicles within the city. 

The work will be carried out and co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund, in which the beneficiary of the support is Põlva Rural Municipality Government and the implementing unit is Enterprise Estonia (EAS). The total cost of the signed contract, including VAT, is 167,980 euros. The deadline for the contract is 5 months after its signing. 

As per contract a solution will be created that does not yet exist anywhere else. The goal of the innovation procurement is to equip the pedestrian crossings on Kesk Street and partially on Jaama Street with smart traffic signs to increase pedestrian safety. Additionally, Estonia’s first in-city segment for measuring average speed on a smart street is planned with the aim of setting an example for the whole country. 

The Bercman’s CEO, Mart Suurkask: “A Although the tender was won months ago, I am pleased to say that the contract is finally signed, and we can start the work. I am glad that our proposed solutions proved to be successful. Our proposed concept includes fourteen Smart Pedestrian Crossings. Four of these pedestrian crossings have the capability of measuring average speed. Two variable message signs will support the described pedestrian crossings at the planned starting and ending points of the road. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.” said Suurkask. 

The Mayor of the Põlva Municipality, Martti Rõigas“It is good to acknowledge that after several procurement disputes, different procedures, and long legal battles up to the Supreme Court, clarity has finally been achieved. Now there is an opportunity to move forward with the matter substantively, and I believe that the solutions offered by Bercman will contribute to improving traffic safety in Põlva town. Moreover, this serves as a good example and proof that innovation and new solutions are not exclusive to large cities; innovation can be brought to life even in small towns” 

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