Bercman Technologies has established a new subsidiary and is starting to produce and sell electric vehicle fast chargers


Bercman Technologies AS (hereinafter “Bercman”) registered a subsidiary Bercman Energy Limited Company in the Commercial Register on 12.06.2024. Bercman Energy’s main activity is producing and selling fast chargers for electric vehicles. The new company’s share capital amounts to EUR 2,500 and is 100% owned by the parent company Bercman Technologies. Mart Suurkask is a member of the management board.  

Mart Suurkask, CEO of Bercman: “Producing and selling fast chargers for electric cars represents a strategic expansion into one of the world’s fastest-growing business sectors, logically connected to our previous activities. We have been involved in smart infrastructure solutions for over seven years and possess over a decade of engineering experience in product development within our group. Seeing the high demand for a quality charging network in connection with the transition to more sustainable transportation solutions, we are convinced that with our expertise and by involving necessary partners, we can meet this need. 

Our focus is specifically on the production of fast chargers (with a power range of 50-400 kW). As of the last quarter of 2023, only 14% of the approximately 630,000 chargers in use in the European Union were capable of fast charging, which means that electric car owners generally have to consider longer charging times. With our fast charger under development, an average electric car battery can be charged to 80% in about a quarter of an hour.” 

The new product expands Bercman’s portfolio of proprietary products and adds electric vehicle fast chargers developed by the company’s development team to the existing Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk. 

Development work for the launch of Bercman Energy fast chargers has been underway for a year and the first products are scheduled to be delivered to customers by the end of September.   

The production of fast chargers will start in Estonia, but to meet the rapidly growing market demand for fast chargers, Bercman has made an initial agreement with a partner with extensive experience in electronics manufacturing.  

To accelerate the speed to market of fast chargers, up to 25% of the company has been set aside for external investment, of which nearly half of the volume, amounting to a quarter of a million euros, has been secured to date. This will leave further scope for co-investment by those interested in the sector.  

Bercman, founded in 2016, is a technology company listed on Nasdaq First North, specialising in development services, the creation of proprietary products, and the provision of comprehensive technology systems. The Bercman consolidation group comprises the parent company Bercman Technologies AS, and its subsidiary, Krakul OÜ. 

For further information, please contact: 

Mart Suurkask
AS Bercman Technologies
Member of the Board
+372 5340 2902

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