Bercman Technologies won the procurement for Põlva Smart Road


Bercman Technologies, in a joint offer with Krakul, won the procurement of Põlva Rural Municipality for the construction of a smart road solution in the city of Põlva. The aim of the procurement is a smart road solution that, as a set of intelligent transportation systems units, must increase road safety by shaping drivers’ driving habits. 

The expected implementation period of the project is June to October 2022. The project works will be carried out in three stages. First, a sketch solution is developed and coordinated. Second, the project is prepared and coordinated with the offices, companies and persons concerning legal requirements. In the project’s final phase, the smart road solution will be built, tuned, and configured. 

“I acknowledge the innovativeness and care of Põlva Rural Municipality regarding traffic safety. The smart road to be built in Põlva is Estonia’s first average speed measurement solution in an open environment. I believe that Põlva will be a good example for other cities in Estonia as well as other countries on how to slow the traffic and influence road users to reduce their speed.” said the CEO of Bercman Technologies, Mart Suurkask. 

As a result of the procurement, a road section of ~2.7 km with an average speed measurement capacity will be built in Põlva, consisting of 14 smart pedestrian crosswalks. For the proposed smart road section, smart pedestrian crosswalk solutions, which have additional functionality for measuring average speed, will be installed on the crosswalks on Kesk and Jaama streets. These pedestrian crosswalk solutions are equipped with number plate recognition cameras to measure the average speed and have signs with changeable information at the start and endpoints of the smart road section.

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