Mart Suurkask: I consider myself a leader with vision


­čÄÖ┬áBercman Technologies’┬áCEO Mart Suurkask was featured as a guest on the management podcast┬á#JuhtimisBlogi, hosted by┬áVeiko Valkiainen. Mart shared his principles as a company manager, highlighting the pivotal role of a company vision and mission.

Mart Suurkask said: “A vision serves as a tool, offering clarity on our collective direction and purpose. As we regularly unpack and recall this vision, it becomes a shared foundation for all our endeavors. When an organisation resonates with it, it provides individuals a reference point for making independent decisions, reducing the need for constant consultation with leaders. Today, our culture encourages employees to make autonomous decisions within their competence, and I wholeheartedly embrace that. Back in my business management school days, I might not have fully grasped the significance of mission and vision statements, but in running my own company, they’ve become integral to my daily life.”

­čöëListen to the podcast in Estonian here.

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