Results of secondary public offering of AS Bercman Technologies shares


The secondary public offering of AS Bercman Technologies shares ended on 2 May 2022 at 16:00. 

Up to 151 261 ordinary shares were publicly offered, while AS Bercman Technologies reserved the right to increase the number of shares on offer up to 181 513 shares. During the offering, 351 investors subscribed for a total of 42 876 shares for EUR 264 973,68. 

Mart Suurkask, AS Bercman Technologies: ”Unfortunately, the secondary offering of shares came at a difficult time. Investors are currently more cautious and the general economic climate in the stock markets is not favourable. Bercman entered the stock exchange in July 2021 and the company’s share is trading recently at 80% above the IPO price, giving us a reason to believe that investors still believe in what we do and what we stand for. We thank all the investors who contributed during the public offering of the shares, and we will continue on the course to fulfil our promised goals.” 

The proceeds of the offering for EUR 264 973,68 are intended to be used for further activities related to planned product development and expansion into foreign markets.     

The distribution of the new shares among the investors who have participated in the offering is based on the following principle: all investors who have subscribed will receive allocated shares according to the number of shares subscribed so that a total of 42 876 shares are distributed to the investors.  
The settlement of the offering is intended to take place on or about 6 May. All secondary shares of AS Bercman Technologies will be admitted to trading on the multilateral trading facility First North, the first trading day will be on or about 17 May 2022. 

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