The pilot project of the Kohtla-Järve innovation competition has concluded, and the city plans to continue the collaboration


Kohtla-Järve, the only municipality in Ida-Virumaa actively participating in Tehnopol’s smart city innovation competition, tested a unique innovative system for over half a year – Bercman Technologies’ smart crosswalks. By the end of the pilot period, it was clear that the system is a useful tool, and the city plans to continue its use.

Bercman Technologies’ crosswalk collects anonymous information about nearby traffic using a smart built-in module. This allows the city to monitor vehicle speeds and directions in real-time and for post-analysis. Based on the collected data, summaries can be made by vehicle type and additionally count cyclists and pedestrians. The city has access to Bercman’s data management software, which displays comprehensive and visual traffic statistics for easier monitoring. This data helps make traffic management decisions to make travel smoother and safer on the road.

“To create new profitable jobs in Kohtla-Järve, we need to invest more in innovation that helps create new smart solutions. Quality decisions are based primarily on data analysis, not just assumptions. Therefore, I find the use of Bercman Technologies’ smart crosswalk radars and sensors very important, as we can make more considered and better decisions based on their data,” said Kohtla-Järve Mayor Henri Kaselo.

The system revealed that in six months, nearly a million vehicles passed through one installation area, Järveküla Road 70. In addition to collecting other data, the system also recorded violations, including speeding, and counted pedestrians crossing the road.

“This solution is an important input for constructing a building project, as its statistics can be used for traffic studies. The collected statistical data provides an overview of traffic intensity, speeding, pedestrian numbers, etc.,” added Kohtla-Järve Deputy Mayor Aleksandr Keivabu.

“Kohtla-Järve has become a role model for other municipalities in Ida-Viru County, and we continue to await participation from other cities in Ida-Viru County. Recently, Pärnu joined the innovation competition, and this is a huge contribution to the use and development of technology. We hoped that Narva or Sillamäe would also join the competition, but Pärnu was quicker in this case, having seen the results of Kohtla-Järve,” said Olga Kurdovskaja.

According to her, it is important for companies like Bercman Technologies to refine their products, improve them with new developments, and this can be done with the help of urban space where smart solutions can be tested with real users.

Mart Suurkask, head of Bercman Technologies, emphasised that pedestrian safety has always been a priority for them in the case of smart crosswalks. “I sincerely believe that it is now safer for pedestrians in Kohtla-Järve to cross the road, and the data could be useful for the municipality to make considered decisions,” he said.

The Kohtla-Järve innovation competition began in 2021. The purpose of the innovation competition is to modernize the urban environment of Kohtla-Järve, making it more sustainable and comfortable for residents.

For your information, Bercman Technologies installed 2 smart pedestrian crosswalks in Kohtla-Järve. The devices have been operational since May 2023 and have collected statistical data.

At Järveküla tee 70, radar data from May 26, 2023, show 915,229 cars counted. For pedestrians, data from June 8, 2023, show 40,750 crossings.

At Järveküla tee 44 (Sports Center), radar data from May 24, 2023, indicate 277,175 cars counted. For pedestrians, data from May 19, 2023, show 54,934 crossings.

Photo by Igor Parv

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