Intersection Control Unit
(in development)


Intersection Control Unit (ICU) is a device with a bird's eye view of a intersection. It has direct communication with vehicles and other infrastructure (V2X). It uses artificial intelligence for traffic flow optimization and accident prediction. The device is capable of registration of speeding and red light violations. ICU collects statistics and big data of the environment around it.


Accidents and traffic jams tend to happen most often on the intersections because there is a lot going on for the driver to handle. A human operator sees what he or she sees, but we would like to give the driver more information about the surrounding using latest technologies. Additionally, we want to eliminate the situations on the intersections, where one single car is waiting behind red light alone, just because the non-adaptive  traffic light program. Another issue is that people are still driving on the intersection violating the read light still too often.


More information available soon as we are currently testing and developing the hardware and software.

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