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COVID-19 one month movement restrictions overview

Today, exactly a month ago, COVID-19 emergency situation was imposed in Estonia. In this post, we will summarize the statistics of the change in the number of vehicles in Tartu last month.

Data from our Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk shows us that on the period of 13.03-13.04 all together 97 607 cars drove over our crosswalk. In normal conditions, we would have had around 170 000 cars at this period.

There were four full weeks in this one-month period and the summary about them is as follows:

All together in the one month period: 97 607 cars

First full week:  22 225 cars

Second full week: 20 901 cars

Third full week: 20 648 cars

Fourth full week: 20 237 cars

The days which were not in the full weeks 13-15.03 & 13.04 summed up to 13 596 cars.

The number of vehicles in full weeks was on a steady slight downward trend. On the other hand, the number of vehicles on weekends was particularly not. 

First weekend: 4914 cars

Second weekend: 4412 cars

Third weekend: 4578 cars

Fourth weekend: 4237 cars

Based on the period of the month (13.03-13.04), the trends in the number of vehicles on Pepleri’s street have been drawn out. It can be seen that the restrictions and recommendations set by the government have had an impact on people's behavior towards less moving and the best possible result with these restrictions has been achieved. It can be said that the effects of the restrictions came into force immediately after they were imposed, and no significant subsequent decrease in the number of vehicles was observed during the one-month period.

Graph: 13.03-13.04 number of vehicles on Pepleri’s street.

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