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The effect of road constructions on traffic density on our Tartu’s Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk

Last week, there was an increase in traffic density on the Tartu’s Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk. The weather has become more beautiful and despite the government’s restrictions regarding the virus, more people are moving on the streets. However, a closer examination revealed that the main reason for the increase in traffic is road construction works that started about a kilometre from our SPC. One street is closed at the intersection and the official recommendation for a detour from the city is along Pepleri’s street, past our SPC.

Based on the data collected by the SPC, it can be said that compared to the week before, the traffic density on Pepleri’s street increased by 46% after the start of road construction. On weekdays, the traffic density remained very even during all days. The fluctuation in the summarium between max and min day was just 198 cars. There were 18% more cars at the weekend compared to the previous weekend.

It is a pleasure to see that our Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk also has the practical value of collecting statistics on the streets to assess changes in traffic due to road construction works in the city.

The figure shows the graph of the traffic load during last two weeks, a drawing of the road works plan and also the location of our SPC in Tartu.

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