Smart City, Smart Road and Mobility related innovative products and services

Who We Are & What We Do?

Bercman Technologies is a company dedicated to developing Smart City, Smart Road and Mobility related innovative products and services for ITS and C-ITS applications. We support the advent of self-driving vehicles by developing necessary devices and solutions for vehicles to become connected with their surroundings. We believe that autonomous vehicles will transform urban mobility for all demographic groups, especially for the young and the elderly.

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Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk

A traffic management device with safety and notification functions to improve traffic safety on unregulated crosswalks.

Intersection Control Unit

A device that reduces traffic jams, keeps you safe on signalized intersections and communicates with vehicles.

Smart Bus Stop

A bus stop for autonomous vehicles that enables on-demand bus routing and scheduling.


We work with companies and entities in various fields. We are flexible to meet the requirements of your project and we will always do our best to find a solution that suits everyone.

Cities & municipalities

Let's transform busy and dangerous pedestrian crossings (schools, kindergarten etc.) safer for vulnerable road users.

Road infrastructure companies

Companies witch provide road maintenence and traffic infrastructure installation for the clients.

Real estate developers

For real estate developers we offer a modern and high-tech traffic infrastructure to provide residents or employees a safer and more comfortable environment.

Data and traffic science related entities

Based on the traffic and climate data we collect, we can collaborate on conducting researches and develop advanced AI for increased road safety.

Road construction & traffic engineering companies

If you are having projects in the field of traffic planning or road construction, we can offer you a smart solution for pedestrian crosswalk solutions.

Autonomous vehicles (V2X) & IoT solutions

Do you work with self-driving vehicles? We can provide the vehicles additional information for better reliability and situational awareness.

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We are now inside a self-driving vehicle revolution,
but Automated Vehicles need help.

Help comes from Smart and Connected Infrastructure
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